Songs to Ascertain Trainquility in your Slumber

i went into my pantry(the internet), mixed my herbs and spices, and  conjured up this delicious batch of soothing tunes

these  songs are not by any means boring, they’re just ones that make an  awesome dreamtracks

Song: Your Hand In Mine

Artist: Explosions in the Sky

Explosions in the Sky

Explosions in the Sky, an instrumental post-rock band from Texas. The members are(left to right): Munaf Rayani,Chris Hrasky,Michael James, and Mark Smith

Song Safe in Sound

ArtistMad Gregs

"los angeles based quartet mad gregs makes quietish music for intimate spaces" They are Jason Golday, Lewis Keller, Devin McNulty, and John Wood.

Song: We Own the Sky

Artist: M83

M83 (named after the spiral galaxy “Messier 83”) is electronic artist Anthony Gonzalez. M83’s style owes a lot to the shoegaze genre, in that there is much emphasis on tonality, extensive use of reverb effects and often softly-spoken lyrics at times submerged in instrumentation.

Song: Shiroi Kuchibiruno Izanai

Artist: Mew

Mew is an alternative rock band which formed in Hellerup, Denmark in 1995. The band consists of Jonas Bjerre (vocals), Bo Madsen (guitar), and Silas Utke Graae Jørgensen (drums). When on tour, Mew is supported by Dr. Nick Watts (Headswim) on keyboard, and Bastian Juel on bass (original bassist Johan Wohlert left in 2006). The band’s music can be described as experimental pop or as singer Jonas Bjerre mentioned in a recent interview: “I think that we combine pop music with something that’s much more experimental, in our own way. I don’t think I would even try and describe it. It’s difficult.”

Song Ask the Clock

Artist A Minor Bird

"When A Minor Bird took the stage, elegance and energy merged together and I was left to witness a bona-fide rock show. Embleton’s emotive vocals complemented the music very well. Their sound ultimately seems to have a certain springtime essence to it, leaving you feeling hopeful and inspired." -the Avsi Kevin Embleton - Lead Vocals / Guitar / Keyboards Dave Judy - Bass John King - Lead Guitar / Vocals Nate Netti - Drums

Song Safe in Sound

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